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Physicians, medical employers, and recruiters are welcome to send our attorneys general questions about U.S. immigration law and procedures. We try to answer as many as we can but make no guarantees as to a response. Please note that we only work in immigration law and cannot advise on matters outside of our field.

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Disclaimer and Privacy Notice
We answer questions as a service to our readers, but we cannot assume any liability related to your reliance on the answers provided herein. Readers should schedule a consultation with an immigration lawyer before acting on anything stated in an email exchange. By asking your question through this service, you agree to hold our firm harmless from any liability relating to your reliance on information you receive. Furthermore, you agree that the submission of your question online does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. An attorney consultation and signed retainer agreement is required to establish such a relationship.

Again, as this service is NOT a substitute for a consultation with one of our lawyers, we may request you set up a telephone consultation to address questions that cannot be answered quickly.

Your privacy is important to us. By submitting your question through this service, you agree that your question and answer of general interest may be posted online for viewing by others without your personal or identifying information.

NOTE: Immigration law changes frequently. The resources and information provided on this web site are intended to help you understand basic issues involved in the immigration process, and are offered only for general informational and educational purposes. This information is not offered as, nor does it constitute legal advice or legal opinions. Although we strive to keep this information current, we neither promise nor guarantee that the information is the latest available, or that it applies to your specific situation. You should not act or rely upon the information in these pages without seeking the advice of an attorney.

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