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M. Safdar, M.D. Recommends Ann Badmus

Choosing an immigration lawyer is the most critical decision as far as applying for J-1 waiver is concerned. I was referred to Badmus Law Firm, PLLC by one of my friends, and I realized later that this was the best decision and it never made me regret. I have come across people going through J-1 waiver process and complaining about their lawyers or not knowing many things about their process. It was entirely different situation with me, since I was given the most accurate information, prompt response every time I contacted them, and whole waiver process was handled in an exceptionally efficient fashion. Lawyers in the law firm are very readily available, which is a huge plus and rare to find in real world. Last, but no the least, I was surprised by the lowest fees for the services which, I'm sure, are much superior to what other people get from celebrity law firms. I can write a whole essay about the qualities of this law firm, but in summary, Badmus Law Firm, PLLC is the most accurate, efficient, cost effective, and authentic law firm and I would recommend it very highly to every J-1 holder without any hesitation.

– M. Safdar, M.D.

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