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Benita Adams

Senior Paralegal

Meet  Benita Adams, a senior paralegal extraordinaire at  Badmus & Associates. With her extensive legal experience and unwavering dedication, Benita plays a crucial role in supporting the firm's immigration practice. Her exceptional qualifications and career highlights speak volumes about her expertise and commitment to serving clients.

Benita's educational journey led her to achieve an associate in applied science degree in legal studies, with honors, at Tarrant County College in Hurst, Texas. Fueling her passion for the legal profession, she further honed her skills at the Executive Secretarial School in Dallas, where she earned a certificate in legal information. These qualifications, coupled with her commitment to excellence, set her apart as a paralegal of the highest caliber.

With an illustrious career that includes a successful tenure as a litigation paralegal with a prominent Fort Worth, Texas, law firm, Benita brings a wealth of experience to her role at Badmus & Associates. Her diverse background has equipped her with invaluable insights into the legal landscape, allowing her to navigate complex immigration matters with finesse and precision.

Working closely with attorney Ann Badmus since October 2000, Benita has played a pivotal role in preparing a wide range of immigration-related documents and petitions. Her responsibilities span preparing J-1 visa waivers, including those based on state and federal health agency recommendations, hardship cases, and no objection statements. Additionally, she excels in preparing I-140 immigrant petitions, including those for individuals with extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers, general national interest waivers, and physician national interest waivers. Benita's expertise also extends to assisting clients with adjustment of status applications and applications for citizenship and naturalization.

What truly sets Benita apart is her genuine desire to make a positive impact on their lives. She derives great satisfaction from assisting hard-working foreign nationals and their families in achieving their dreams of being a part of the culturally diverse United States. Her meticulous attention to detail, combined with her compassionate approach, ensures that her clients receive the highest level of support and guidance throughout the immigration process.

When you work with Benita Adams, you gain a committed ally who will stand by your side, navigate the intricate world of immigration law, and help you achieve your desired outcomes. Her depth of knowledge, coupled with her compassionate nature, makes her an invaluable asset to both the firm and her clients. With Benita as your trusted paralegal, you can rest assured that you have a dedicated advocate who will work tirelessly to protect your interests and guide you through the complex immigration landscape with care and expertise.

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